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Introducing novel Maria’s Letter by Ron Patty

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After over ten years writing (and 40 years thinking) with no experience at plugging my own stuff, here is a little bit about my new novel, Maria’s Letter.

My dear little gift from God—
Someday you’ll have a real name—I can never tell anyone how proud I’ve been to be a part of your birth, but I want you to know those seven months carrying you inside my body were the happiest months of my life. I wish I could’ve carried you a full nine months. I wish I could keep you. But God’s timing and will is more important than my wishes. Someday, perhaps you will recognize how very special you are. I understand that you’re not just my son: You’re everybody’s child…

Ever wonder what life would be like…if Maria’s letter is true?

If, someplace in an obscure village, somewhere in the world, a teenage girl became pregnant for no apparent reason, would we be open to the unknown?
If Jesus were born in today’s world, would we recognize him?
If he walked and taught among us, would we believe him?
Enter Maria’s Letter.

Wonder no more.

Leagues of secret societies, operating independently and against each other, seek Joshua for their own mysterious purposes. As Joshua combats these outside forces, the author of his letter struggles with her own, inner issues. They each journey on their own to discover their identity, not realizing that their quests are uniquely bound together in order to uncover the truth.

You can see my website at And, if interested, you’ll have the correct information on how to purchase it.

It’s a thinking person’s book.


Quest For Truth

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Isn’t it something that every creature, besides man, only has instincts? Man has instincts and can think.

The title of this blog is “Thinking Required In Life.” This space will be a place to communicate my thoughts. My hope is that it will generate some thoughts of your own.

Questions lead to answers. But, doubts lead to negative thinking.

A lot of people think that they can’t question things. They can’t question their faith,they can’t question the Bible, or they can’t question themselves. Therefore, they imprison themselves in their own thoughts. Jesus said the truth will make you free. It seems to me, then, that the quest for truth involves questioning. You never doubt for truth. You quest for truth.